In Partnership with lululemon: Teaching Yoga + Self-Love


Yoga teacher Elizabeth Crisci wants you to change the story you tell yourself.  

I’ve spent the last year writing on my blog about body image and my journey to make peace with my own body. It’s been very freeing and has connected me to so many wonderful people who can relate. But it was scary at first to tell people that I don’t always love myself. What I’ve since realized is that all of us are going through this same struggle.

Sometimes we like our reflection, and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we are dissatisfied because we need to make a change, we don’t feel good and our reflection is showing us that. But so many of us are practicing yoga every day, making healthy choices, feeling good, but we still look in the mirror and we don’t like what we see. We’re comparing ourselves to images that have been heavily photoshopped. Even the women in those pictures don’t look like the pictures.

Elizabeth Crisci

It has been my wish for women everywhere to start talking about this freely, we need to release this from our stories. We can reclaim our image and our right to feel beautiful, our right to love ourselves. As individuals, we have complex and compelling relationships with our bodies. We are all a little bit different, but we are learning the same lesson. Self-love is the key to all love. It is the road to happiness. Yoga is one way to cultivate self-love, but it is also a choice we have to make to rewire our brains and choose to focus on everything we love about ourselves.

Elizabeth Crisci lives and teaches in Fairfield County, CT. She loves her students, her partner, her dogs and her mat. Elizabeth is teaching Love What Is, a vinyasa workshop incorporating self-love as a practice, in studios throughout the Northeast in 2014. 

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Being true to yourself is one thing we should do in our life it’s now about how we look, but how we embrace true ourselves and be free from negative vibes once we are free from that negative aura we will experience a lot of positive vibes and this is a good thing.