Ganesha: Remover of Obstacles

Yoga frees the body to move

Ganesh, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is considered to be the remover of obstacles

The symbolism attached to Ganesh as the remover of obstacles is expressed in this common chant.

You of the twisted trunk and the massive body
With the dazzle and light of millions of suns
Lead me on a path that has no obstacles nor hindrances
Clearing the way in all that I do, ever, and always!

Ganesh is playful and mischievous, yet harmless.  The legends of his birth and how he came to have an elephant head on a pudgy human body are plentiful. In each account of Ganesh’s birth his mother Parvati, shows deep love and compassion for her infant son, unconcerned about his unusual form.
He sits over doorways to auspicious buildings.  Many ancient sculptures of Ganesh show him dancing with great relish despite his huge belly and short stubby legs. In this image of him, from the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, he is dancing with his right leg raised a little, and his hip swayed in a way that conveys an inner joy in the dance. Ganesha dances, the hint of a smile in his eyes, something that continues into the joyous stance and gestures (mudras) that he uses. Behind his feet is his vahana, the mouse.

Using this symbolism, see if you can summon the inner dancer in you. As Ganesha shows here, we can be playful, sensuous and joyful despite our body not being perfect.  Consider the silliness of this image,  yet Ganesha is an important and ubiquitous god in India. But Ganesha does not take himself seriously, and that is his appeal, his charm.   In yoga we learn to be gentle with ourselves as we move into poses that cause us to wobble.  Each time you take a posture, an asana, that causes you physical or emotional discomfort, remember Ganesha and let go of whatever is holding you back.

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You can consider this article an additional resources in you research about Ganesh the remover of obstacles indeed he si a very good god and a lot of times he is very happy and cheerful. in this article the there is also a chant for Ganesh you may want to try it first before starting yoga practice.