Connection and Solitude in Bali

Today is the first time I have been completely on my own since arriving in Bali. The first two weeks were spent with my family, followed by a yoga retreat that I facilitated for 15 other people. But here in Ubud, I am alone. And enraptured with my solitude.


Yoga means ‘unity’ and I spend a lot of time writing about, cultivating and savouring a yoga community that nourishes connection, support and love. But, boy, do I love being on my own.


Back home, the structure of my day depends on the needs of my family, my work and many social, professional and financial commitments. When I get up, when I go to bed, what I cook, when I work, what I do at weekends. There’s usually somebody else determining, or at least influencing, all of these things.


So Bali is a haven of independence this week. A place where I decide what to do, when to eat and where to go. I cannot tell you what a luxury that is (of course, if you are a mother, you already know what I’m talking about!)


But the independence I’m enjoying today is delicious only because I know that it will end tomorrow. Tomorrow I will return to my family, hug my children and reconnect with my Sydney community.


And even here in Bali, I’m not truly alone. I’m grateful for Wayan’s broad smile as she brings my breakfast. I’m grateful to Murni and all the other students in her yoga class this morning. I’m looking forward to catching up with Kadek at the local Warung where I’m heading for lunch a bit later on.


Bali offers me the space to be myself, along with a welcoming embrace that keeps me connected to the universe. No wonder I’m so in love with my second home.


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Thanks Nikola for writing you great experience in bali. Sometimes we really do need a time for our own, sometimes we want to be alone, but that doens’t mean that that it will last for long, it’s just it is also good for us to meditate. will be trying that place. I do also have a suggestion you can also try fiji island it also offers a peaceful place and closer to nature.