A Few Two-Minute Recipes for Summer

It’s SUMMER! I love the seasons for a number of reasons.darshana-sitting-3-266x266

One reason is because the changing of seasons is a mirror for the changing nature of being a human being. One reason I moved from LA years ago was because it was always sunny and 70 degrees. My internal weather patterns needed a bit more contrast in the actual weather patterns.

Another reason is because different foods come into season. When I was little my family didn’t pay attention to seasonal veggies, fruits and other foods. We ate the same food year round. As I decided to live closer to the earth I educated myself with seasonal foods, what it meant to eat in accordance to the weather I was living in and what was available I noticed significant changed and improvements to my over all health.

One of my favorite things about summer cooking is the fast nature of it. Who wants to be inside over a hot stove or with at hot oven going all day long in the summer? I don’t. I want to get in and out of the kitchen quickly while still eating healthy foods.

Therefore this month I gathered up some of my two-minute recipes for you. Try them out and let me know what you think,

In health and service~



An old client of mine gave this recipe to me. I really enjoy it as an alternative to regular hummus because it is filling but not “heavy”. I think it’s because it leaves out the beans, replacing them with zucchini. And since summer squash season is coming, it’s a PERFECT snack, sandwich stuffer, appetizer or addition to any summer picnic.

What you need

One Zucchini (peeled + chopped in chunks)
Two Tablespoons Raw Tahini
Two Tablespoons Lemon Juice
One Clove Garlic
One fourth Teaspoon Paprika
One fourth Teaspoon Cumin
One fourth Teaspoon Salt
A touch of cayenne- (optional)

What you do

Blend all ingredients together until smooth in a food processor, blender or vitamix.

Notes/ Options:
You may need some olive oil or water to get the blending going. Also the amounts are suggestions so add more or less garlic, use the cayenne or don’t, add more spices or zucchini.


This is one of my favorite staples all year round actually but it’s great for a summer quick salad or a potluck.
What you need
2-3 Carrots- grated
Raisons- as much as desired
Orange juice

What you do

Grate the carrots.
Mix the carrots with the raisins in a bowl.
In a cup or jar, mix together the orange juice, cinnamon and a pinch of salt. Pour over the salad and stir.
Option: Add roasted pecans or walnuts to the salad. You can also use chopped dates, currants or dried apricots instead of raisins. Also, try adding some chopped apple!

What you need
2 cups dried mango
1 ripe banana
1 1/2 C dried, unsweetened coconut
1 Tablespoon vanilla

What you do

Cut or rip dried mango into pieces, and soak in just enough fresh water to cover until soft (This step could take a bit longer than 2 minutes but won’t take that long)
Chop banana.

In a food processor or blender, grind the coconut into a powder. Set aside. Blend the softened mango and its soaking water until smooth, then add the banana, vanilla and coconut, and blend all until creamy.
 Put into a serving dish, and spoon pudding on top. 
Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon on top.

credit to it’s owner: http://www.yogatreesf.com/two-minute-recipes-summer/

Have tried this recipe and this it’s very good at first it was hard for me to do this cooking and preparation, because I’m much more familiar In a everyday cooking so I tried doing this recipe to have change of pace and curious what will be the outcome. In the end this is a good recipe to follow.